Power-Time 2023 Joyful Trip

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Author : Power-Time
Update time : 2023-06-26 18:07:33

22nd June 2023 is the Chinese traditional Dragon Boat Festival, after the relaxing festival, we Power-Time as a big family traveled to a beautiful town - Conghua and spent a wonderful weekend together.


With 19 years of development in two way radio accessories, Power-Time now has 200 workers, and is expecting further expansion with a brand-new industrial park under construction. It is everyone's concentrated effort in the teamwork that leads to the long-term progress, thus Power-Time company activity always covers all employees.


The weekend trip was rich and colorful, consisting of sight-seeing, team training, hiking, river rafting and water splashing. Let's take a peek at how delightful the activities are and the laughter and happiness we have had.


Sight-seeing at a theme park of 1978's

Sight-seeing at Hexiangu temple

Team union training

Hiking in the wood

Exciting river rafting and water splashing

With our best wishes and effort, Power-Time will keep improving and growing with you.

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