The Exhibition of HongKong Global Consumer Electronics

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Update time : 2018-06-25 14:32:21
  Shenzhen GPCOMM TECHNOLOGY LTD again participated in the exhibition of HongKong Global Consumer Electronics (18-21 April).
  The exhibition brings together various types of consumer electronics. Our company participated in the exhibition to broaden our horizons, open up minds, learn advanced, and exchange cooperation. This opportunity to exchange, communicate and negotiate with the customers who come to visit.Further enhance the reputation of our company's brand”Power-Time”. Understand the product features of the advanced enterprises in the same industry.In order to to improve our own productions, to play our own advantages.

  Through this conference, a series of earphones for noise reduction and hearing protection have been displayed. Customers try to feel at the scene and get the high attention and support from them. We will continue to work hard to make more people know our brand "Power-Time" and ShenZhen GPCOMM TECHNOLOGY LTD.
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